Ancestral Lands

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any news, but a lot has been going on at Feed the People Farms. So what have we been up to?

In November, Slim was offered the use of old family land in the Appalachian foothills of west Georgia. With roots that go back over 200 years in the area, Slim will be moving operations – once again (hopefully for the last time) – to Carroll County, GA. (A note from Slim: It’s extremely important to understand that our families settled here on Cherokee lands newly conquered by the U.S. Government in the early 1800s. This land was not bought or sold by anyone because it never belonged to anyone; the Natives understood the land and ecosystems as something that humans were merely a piece of – not to be dominated, but to participate with as equals.) FTP Farms is committed to operating in the tradition of the Cherokee and the Appalachian people: respecting and caring for the land as a common resource, shared and used by all life, and sharing the bounty she provides us.

The move means that we have some building and preparing to do, and we’ll be hitting the ground running in the new year. Volunteer opportunities will be plentiful and as usual volunteer days are also an educational opportunity. Our volunteers learn how to live off the land and care for it in return. At the core of our workdays is the mission to instill in our volunteers the knowledge and skills needed to be self-reliant and free. Volunteers can learn about raising plants and animals, hunting, and fishing; foraging for food and medicine; restoring wild ecosystems to their natural abundance; and the harvesting of raw materials and building with them.

In addition to the move, we’ve added to our traditional practices the art of hunting. I will be harvesting wild game, not only for meat, but for the many of the parts of the animal that come in handy around the farm. Stay tuned to see the farm come to life as the season progresses.

In short, there’s a lot going on this season at FTP Farms as we build the farm from the ground up with little more but the woods for our resources. Come learn, play, and work with us! If you’re interested in volunteering or a farm-share membership for 2019, please visit the links above!

Happy New Year!


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