The new boys

As I write this, I’m sitting in a hardware store parking lot waiting for a tow. And while my truck may not be running at its best, I thought I’d take the time to write an update on the oxen team.

Moses (left) and Aaron (right)

As of today, the boys – Moses and Aaron – are quite used to me. They know their names and are showing a lot of curiosity. They will come when called… sort of (if I have hay or treats).

While they eat hay or treats they are very comfortable with me petting them, but Aaron more than Moses. Aaron even lets me hug him. But if they’re out in the field grazing it takes a few minutes before they’re comfortable with that much closeness.

Today I was able to get their yoke size measurements, and now I can begin to make their first yoke.

Whenever I have the chance to give the command “woah” as they stand, I do it and both are kinda getting the hang of it, but still needs work before they have mastered this most important command. Very soon it will be time for halter training, a big step for the team, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and check back here for more of the story!

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