Feed the People Farms is now accepting apprenticeship applications for the 2019 fall season! Interact with living history through farming!

What to Expect

The current term is from September 1 through December 1, 16-24 hours a week.
Crops include spinach, beets, peas, collards, turnip greens, eggs, and pork. We will learn traditional ways of raising all of these crops, as well as introductions to hunting*, foraging, and ecosystem restoration. Skills and knowledge shared include natural soil fertilization, cultivation, sowing/seeding, mulching, thinning and culling, pest and disease control, harvest, vegetable washing and packing, pasture management and haymaking, tracking, identifying wild plants, archery, firearm operation, and animal field dressing.*

  1. Apprenticeships are intended as educational and introductory programs. Apprenticeship is not employment.
  2. Apprenticeship terms are 3-months; and 16-24 hour per week commitment.
  3. Apprenticeships are not paid.
  4. Residency is not required, but apprentices must secure their own transportation to and from the farm.
  5. Rent and utilities will not be charged resident apprentices.
  6. Due to our union shop agreement, apprenticeship applications will be reviewed by the General Executive Board (GEB) of the Industrial Workers of the World North American Regional Administration. The GEB oversees all IWW co-ops and sole proprietor business practices to ensure non-exploitative practices are adhered to.
    * All hunting education requires a current GA hunting license.

FTP Apprentice Application