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Become a Sustainer and help keep our vision alive! All Sustsainers receive 10% off all items and an exclusive union-made hand-printed Feed the People Farms tote-bag! Should you want to upgrade your membership, you can use your discount for that as well!

What are you supporting?

By becoming a sustaining member, you are helping to revive heirloom foods, many of which are endangered, and folk-ways that can produce these foods without chemicals or fossil fuels. Your support saves livestock like the Buckeye chicken and Pineywoods cattle; vegetables like the Yellow Flesh Moon & Stars watermelon and Georgia Jet sweet potato; and folk-ways like the use of oxen and hand-tools. These foods and folk-ways can get us off the Big Oil, Big Ag, and Big Pharma addiction, leading us to a more secure and sovereign food system that fosters health and wellness for the Land and People.

… And save some cash while your at it!

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