What is a CSA?

CSA means Community Supported Agriculture. Community members pay farmers at the beginning of the season to secure their food ahead of time, then pick-up their share each week. Our CSA features heirloom foods that are sourced from local regenerative farmers. Members also receive a union-made FTP Farms tote-bag!

As justice as our motto, we take every effort to source from farmers of color and women at fair prices. By using this model, your food is less dependent on fossil fuels and transnational corporations, farmers are less dependent on banks and big lenders, and food is financed and controlled by YOU: the People.

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What’s in my share?

Everything is fresh, in season, and grown outdoors. Choose a single food group, or stack them up for a whole diet! Please note that the dues rates do not include fees and taxes.

  • Veggies – $950/year // 2 for $1615/year. One bag full of fresh veggies for pick-up every week April 4 – December 26. Heirloom and open pollinated means non-GMO, better flavor, better nutrition, and long term sustainability.
  • Eggs – $280/year. Fresh eggs for pick up every week April 4 – November 28. Heritage livestock on free range means better flavor and a better relationship with the Land.
  • Coming soon:
  • Chicken – $315/year. One frozen whole Ark of Taste Award winner Buckeye chicken for pick-up every month of the year. Authentic flavor, authentic nutrition, authentic sustainability.

Where do we source our food from?

The eggs, chicken, and a selection of the veggies come directly from our farm in Carrollton GA, and we also source from the following local growers:

How will my food be packaged?

Fresh veggies will be minimally packaged, bunches like carrots and collards will be bound, and okra or lettuce mixes may be in bags, but that’s it. Bring your tote-bag and we will fill it up for you.

Eggs will be in standard cartons with proper labeling.

Whole chicken will be frozen and packed in shrink-wrapped plastic with proper labeling.