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As a supporter, you’re part of our CSA program! CSA means Community Supported Agriculture. Community members pay farmers in advance to secure their food ahead of time, then pick-up their share each week. Our Egg CSA features heirloom eggs that are pasture raised, free range, and always non-GMO fed. As always, all of our food is made with zero fossil fuel use. Members also receive a union-made FTP Farms tote-bag!

Eggs – $280/year. One dozen fresh eggs for pick up every week March – November. Heritage livestock on free range means better flavor and a better relationship with the Land. Monthly invoicing is available ($34.44/mo)

What are you supporting?

We are currently building up a breeding flock of Buckeye Chickens. This endangered breed – first developed in 1896 – is currently on the Livestock Conservancy Watch List and is the only breed ever accepted in the American Poultry Standard that was developed entirely by a woman: Nettie Metcalf. Buckeyes are excellent meat birds with good laying abilities, too, making them very resourceful for food sovereignty. Much like many heritage breeds, the industrialization of agriculture lead to their decline in the mid-20th century. But Nettie’s legacy lives on thanks to the many dedicated breeders, the Livestock Conservancy, the American Buckeye Club, and the American Buckeye Poultry Club. Your membership funds and supports this initiative by bringing us that much closer to establishing the first breeding flock of Buckeyes in Georgia. With your help, we can bring these birds into recovery.

…And eat some tasty eggs while we’re at it!

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