There is an army of obstacles facing working farmers today: Global warming and climate change; higher retirement rates than new farmers; dwindling access to farm-land and capital; isolation; anxiety, depression, and suicide; dangerous and stressful working conditions; low prices and wages; high costs; and an economic system that values convenience over substance. Farmers need your help, and you can start right here!

What we do is different. We value substance over convenience, we value life over profit, and we invest in restoring the land. But farmers cannot do it alone; we need your help. Support us in our mission in the preservation of endangered livestock and crop varieties, folk ways, and the restoration of our natural resources!
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Your contribution will not be allocated to any campaigns or politician. When donations are used this way, only pennies of each dollar donated actually is used in the application of solutions. A donation to FTP Farms is completely opposite: we use 96% of your donation to keep our restorative practices going (processing fees are 4%). This could include fence and equipment repair or replacement, new animals, seed, or even fuel and maintenance for the truck that is used to haul feed, wood, bamboo, seed, and equipment to the farm and to haul food to the people.

Feed the People Farms Ltd. Co. is a member-managed Limited Liability Corporation registered with the Secretary of State of the State of Georgia. Donations and non-sale contributions are not subject to sales tax and are not tax-deductible.