What is a Farm-Share?

A farm-share is a great way to ensure you have food. Farm-share members receive weekly boxes of fresh food April through December, and share in some of the costs of maintaining the farm. By owning a farm-share, the middle-men like shipping companies, grocery stores, and big brands get nothing, and you directly maintain the farm where your food is grown. So, What food do I get?

By joining FTP Farm-share, you support – and are supported by – traditional ways of farming, regeneration of soils, restoration of ecosystems, and preservation of native and heirloom foods; you can live from your roots. These foods also support grassroots organizing, and as a farm-share member, you’re supporting campaigns to organize workers, end police brutality, establish autonomy to poor neighborhoods, and more!


How do I join?

  • Apply. Just fill out the form below.
  • Confirm. After you apply and we review your application, you will receive a confirmation email with your dues invoice attached.
  • Pay. Annual shares are $740. Dues are invoiced monthly to help your wallet last.
  • Pick-up. Weekly share boxes are valued at an average of $28.00. Pick up your pre-packed box of food (or pack what YOU like best) at our farmers market locations:
    • Saturdays at West End Farmers Market 10a-2p; or
    • Sundays at Avondale Estates Farmers Market 10a-1p.

There are currently 5 more farm-shares available for the 2019 season (April 6 – December 7). Shares begin at $740/year (or $93/month) with the following credits and discounts available:

  • Work-credits: 50% off for any member who volunteers on the farm 2 or more days each month. This discount is only provided one month at a time.
  • Organizer-credits: 33% off any farm-share for members in good standing of Atlanta branches of the  Industrial Workers of the World, General Defense Committee, Bramble Technology Collective, and Democratic Socialists of America.
  • Farmer-credits: 100% off farm-share for anyone who volunteers on the farm 6 or more days each month. This discount is only provided one month at a time.
  • Expecting mothers: Women who are currently expecting will get extra food in their farm-shares if we have it.

Why own a farm-share?

  • Loyalty. Our farm-share members are our main customers and take priority when planning and packing each week’s harvests.
  • Support. When you own a farm-share, you are supporting the little gal. Operation costs often bring annual farm budgets to nearly zero, and having guaranteed sales and risk sharing provides more support and security for the small farm.
  • Reward and risk sharing. FTP Farm-share, like most small farm-shares, shares the risks inherent in agriculture with the farmers; if the season is good, members receive more food, if it is bad, members receive less.
  • Real alternatives. In today’s economy, there is very little ownership or control over what we eat every single day: food. Joining our farm-share provides an independent alternative to the monopolization of food; you share in the ownership of our food with our farm-workers and your fellow community members.