What is a Farm-Share?

A farm-share is a great way to ensure you have food. Farm-share members receive weekly boxes of fresh food April through December, and share in some of the costs of maintaining the farm. By owning a farm-share, the middle-men like shipping companies, grocery stores, and big brands get nothing, and you directly maintain the farm where your food is grown. So, What food do I get?

By joining FTP Farm-share, you support – and are supported by – traditional ways of farming, regeneration of soils, restoration of ecosystems, and preservation of native and heirloom foods; you can live from your roots. These foods also support grassroots organizing, and as a farm-share member, you’re supporting campaigns to organize workers, end police brutality, establish autonomy to poor neighborhoods, and more!

How do I join?

  • Apply. Just fill out the form below.
  • Confirm. After you apply and we review your application, you will receive a confirmation email with your dues invoice attached.
  • Pay. Annual shares are $740. Dues are invoiced monthly to help your wallet last.
  • Pick-up. Weekly share boxes are valued at an average of $28.00. Pick up your pre-packed box of food (or pack what YOU like best) at our farmers market locations:
    • Sundays at Avondale Estates Farmers Market 10a-1p.

There is currently ONE more farm-share available for the 2019 season (April 6 – December 7). Shares begin at $740/year (or $93/month) with the following credits and discounts available:

  • Grassroots-credit: 33% off any farm-share dues for members in good standing of Atlanta branches of the  Industrial Workers of the World and General Defense Committee; Bramble Technology Collective; and Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America.
  • Half work-credit: 50% off farm-share dues for any member who volunteers on the farm 2 or more days each month. This discount is only provided one month at a time.
  • Whole work-credit: 100% off farm-share dues for anyone who volunteers on the farm 6 or more days each month. This discount is only provided one month at a time.
  • Expecting mothers: Women who are currently expecting will get extra food in their farm-shares if we have it.

Why own a farm-share?

  • Loyalty. Our farm-share members are our main customers and take priority when planning and packing each week’s harvests.
  • Mutual Aid. When you own a farm-share, you directly support operational costs of the farm where your food is grown. This allows other revenue to be re-invested into expanding the farm and farm-share program. By sharing the risks and rewards between farmers and farm-share members, it is not not capitalism and unsteady markets, but solidarity and mutual aid that secures our food.
  • Restoration. Feed the People Farms practices regenerative and restorative agricultural practices that improve soil and water health, restore native ecosystems, preserve endangered breeds and varieties, and removes carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Power to the people. Our food is being monopolized and industrialized more and more each day. Conglomerates merge with other conglomerates, millions of acres of farmland is bought-up and poisoned, our natural resources and wilderness dwindles, and traditional ways that sustained us for thousands of years are lost. The FTP Farm-share is a small, but powerful act against this trend and fights the power by feeding the people!