Feed the People Farms is a co-operatively run business. Our business is feeding communities with authentic and hand-grown heirloom groceries. Farms take the support of entire communities to be successful in feeding those communities, but we know that in today’s world not everyone has the time or willingness to be out in the fields every day. So we have many ways you can join!


Farm-share – Food every week. Comes in a single or double. Sign up at the beginning of the year, pay as you go, and pick-up a box of fresh groceries each week April – December. Have it delivered to your door for an additional fee!

Discount Club – Small dues, big discounts. Bulk memberships available for grassroots justice groups!

Farm Club – For the fledgling farmer and friendly volunteer alike. The Farm Club participates with regular volunteer days and special projects. For each day members volunteer, they get a share of groceries.

Internship – This level of membership requires a longer application process and is easiest if you’re also a resident. Because of the slightly more personal nature of this membership level, we recommended that you volunteer, visit, or join the Farm Club for a while and get to know everyone before applying for an internship.

Worker-owner – This membership level is only offered to interns, has residency and weekly hour requirements, and a one-time dues payment. Worker-owners are here everyday of every week, and share all profits equally.