Thanks to generous donations from a fall crowdsourcing campaign, FTP Farms has just brought on-board two lovely and sweet Pineywoods steers! Slim is currently training them as oxen and by the end of the 2021 season the team will be able to aid us greatly in weed cultivation, pulling carts and animal shelters, logging, and planting!

Moses & Aaron

Moses (left) Aaron (right)

These boys are from the Barnes line of Pineywoods cattle. Barnes is one of only a few lines left from eastern herds and the only line with a dual registry as Florida Cracker cattle.

With love, attention, affection, and training, these boys will team up to bring the farm above and beyond!

Pineywoods Cattle

A Southern Tradition

Pineywoods cattle are now endangered, but for 400 years until the mid-20th century they roamed many of the woodlands in the South, especially the Geechie (Georgia/Carolina) Coast and Gulf Coast regions and were famed for their beef, dairy, and work abilities. To learn more about these amazing animals and help their revival, visit the Pineywoods Cattle Breed Association