In addition to our heritage livestock, we offer over thirty different kinds of heirloom and wild fruits, mushrooms, and vegetables and are adding more fruits in the coming years. While we do a lot of farm planning around the vegetables, all of our crops are simply a byproduct of taking care of the soils, waters, and native ecosystems we inhabit.

Modern commercial hybrids are bred for characteristics like shelf-life, firmness, size, uniformity, and durability in shipping; sacrificing nutrition, flavor, beauty, genetic diversity, and cultural significance. Our produce is all heirloom, and 20 of our 36 varieties are native to the South.

We are proud to announce our 2022 line-up as well as the fruits that are in our future!

2022 Produce (more information coming soon)


  • Arugula, ‘Roquette’
  • Beans, ‘Turkey Craw’
  • Beets ‘Cylindra’
  • Cabbage, ‘Golden Acre’
  • Candy Roaster Squash, ‘North Georgia’
  • Chard, ‘Ford Hook’
  • Collards, ‘Georgia Green’
  • Corn, ‘Cherokee White Eagle’
  • Cucumber, ‘White Wonder’
  • Garlic, ‘Inchellium Red’
  • Hot pepper, ‘Fish’
  • Kale, ‘Lacinato’
  • Lettuce, ‘Speckled Bibb’
  • Onion, ‘Texas Early Grano’
  • Okra, ‘Alabama Red’
  • Okra greens
  • Radish, ‘Shunkyo Semi-long’
  • Spinach, ‘Longstanding Bloomsdale’
  • Sweet peppers, ‘Ashe County Pimento’
  • Sweet potatoes, ‘Georgia Jet’
  • Sweet potato greens
  • Tomatoes, ‘Cherokee Purple’
  • Turnips, ‘Purple Top White Globe’
  • Yellow Squash, ‘Early Golden Summer Crookneck’
  • Wild Dock
  • Wild Dandelion greens
  • Wild Violet greens
  • Greenbriar shoots


  • Hardy Orange
  • Watermelon, ‘Yellow Flesh Moon & Stars’
  • Wild Blackberries


  • Shiitake, ‘Snow Cap’
  • Lion’s Mane

Fruits in our future! (estimated to yield 2025-2030)

After some native seed gathering and thanks to an award from Farmers Jam and Slow Food ATL, we will be adding the following fruits to our farm in 2022!

  • Apple, ‘Arkansas Black’
  • Apple, ‘Yates’
  • Maypops (native passionfruit)
  • Mulberry
  • Native Persimmon
  • Pawpaw
  • Peach, ‘ Belle of Georgia’
  • Peach, ‘Florida Crest’
  • Pear, ‘Bartlett’
  • Pear, ‘Kieffer’