We offer a variety of heirloom seedlings for your home garden. Whether you want to grow a couple of tomato plants, or an entire backyard garden, our seedlings are the best choice, and here’s a few reasons why:

  • Varieties adapted to the Southern climate
  • Irrigation techniques save water
  • Biodegradable pots make transplanting a breeze
  • Pro-biotics support good plant health
  • Deep rooted plants are more drought tolerant
  • All natural materials

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Get to know our selection:

Cool Season

Arugula, ‘Roquette’

Broccoli, ‘Calabrese

Cauliflower, ‘De Resi’

Lettuce, ‘Speckled Bibb’

Spinach, ‘Bloomsdale’

Kale, ‘Lacinato’


Cucumber, ‘Edmonson’

Okra, ‘Choppee’

Hot Pepper, ‘Fish’

Sweet Pepper, ‘Ashe County Pimento’

Yellow Squash, ‘Summer Crookneck’

Tomato, ‘Cherokee Purple’

Cherry Tomato, ‘Old Fashioned Red’