Are you a farmer who wants to connect? Are you someone interested in touring a small scale farm? Or do you just wanna come learn a little more about the food revolution?!

Either way, we do schedule site visits independently from volunteer hours and workshops. These visits are great ways to connect with other farmers and our broader community. Fill out the form below to schedule a visit!

Please remember being on a farm always entails certain risks. Our farm is a production facility; a natural production facility, but a production facility none-the-less. For this, we please ask that visitors accept our Hold Harmless Agreement found below.


Feed the People Farms Ltd. Co. Hold Harmless Agreement:

Feed the People Farms Ltd. Co. hosts open hours for volunteers solely for education and experience opportunities. All volunteers are offering their time and ability of their own free will and accord, and understand the risks involved in agriculture and garden work, including, but not limited to, fatigue, soreness, exhaustion, dehydration, blisters and other skin abrasions, sunburn, insect and animal injuries, disease, hypothermia, frost-bite, heat-exhaustion, heat-stroke, loss of limb, paralysis, and death. All volunteers are free to take a break at any time. All volunteers are free to leave at any time during the duration of open hours. All volunteers retain the right to not perform any work they are not comfortable performing. By filing out the required information above and checking the box, I am indicating that I am volunteering of my own free will, under no duress; that I understand the risks associated with farm work identified in the Hold Harmless Agreement below; that I have read and understand the Hold Harmless Agreement below; and that I hereby release Feed the People Farms Ltd. Co. from any liability, in part or in whole, for any accident, ill incident, injury, or loss of life occurring during Feed the People Farms Ltd. Co. volunteer hours; and that I waive any right to criminal or civil suit against Feed the People Farms Ltd. Co. or any of its members.