Do you want to learn how to farm, garden, or homestead? Perhaps you want to learn more about ecology and the natural world. Or maybe you just wanna help out a farmer. Feed the People Farms is a great place to volunteer. Volunteering is a big help for us, and it doesn’t go without notice; all volunteers go home with their choice of produce!

Our current volunteer days are Wednesdays and Fridays and volunteers can work mornings, afternoons, or all day. One meal is provided for all-day volunteers.

A few tips for farm work:

Wear clean breathable clothes on your upper body, and clean shorts or pants on your legs that are durable and have room to bend and squat in. A hat can be useful to keep the sun out of your eyes and off yours face, neck, and scalp, but remember that most body-heat escapes through your head, so hats need to be breathable too. FTP Farms does not provide water bottles or sunscreen so please bring your own. We do have bathrooms and sinks to wash hands and re-fill your bottles.

COVID-19 guidelines: We are limiting the number of volunteers each day to 5. Please wear a mask and wash hands before working with produce directly. Please keep a six foot distance between you and the farmer or other volunteers. Wash hands frequently.

Volunteer Application:

Feed the People Farms Ltd. Co. Hold Harmless Agreement:

Feed the People Farms Ltd. Co.  hours for volunteers and interns are solely for education and experience opportunities. All volunteers and interns are offering their time and ability of their own free will and accord, and fully understand the risks involved in agriculture and forest work, including, but not limited to, fatigue, soreness, exhaustion, dehydration, blisters and other skin abrasions, sunburn, insect and animal injuries, disease, hypothermia, hyperthermia, frost-bite, heat-exhaustion, heat-stroke, loss of limb, paralysis, and death. All volunteers and interns are free to take a break at any time. All volunteers and interns are free to leave at any time during the duration of volunteer and internship hours. All volunteers and interns retain the right to not perform any work they are not comfortable performing. By filing out the required information above and checking the box, I am indicating that I am applying of my own free will, under no duress; that I understand the risks associated with farm and forest work identified in the Hold Harmless Agreement; that I have read and understand the Hold Harmless Agreement; and that I hereby release Feed the People Farms Ltd. Co. and Shackleford Family, LLC and any owners, members, or employees thereof from any liability, in part or in whole, for any accident, ill incident, injury, or loss of life occurring during Feed the People Farms Ltd. Co. volunteer and internship hours; and that I waive any right to criminal or civil suit against Feed the People Farms Ltd. Co. or any of its owners, members, or employees.